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Firemen’s Benevolent Association

of The City of Tampa Inc

Firemen’s Benevolent Association

of The City of Tampa Inc

Caring for those WHO SERVE.

Our Benevolent MISSION

The Firemen’s Benevolent Association is dedicated to providing physical, emotional, and financial support to our firefighters and their families during times of need.


Our History

The Fireman’s Benevolent Association of Tampa

Established in 1909 the Firemen’s Benevolent Association of the City of Tampa has served the men and women of Tampa Fire Rescue for over a century. Founded as a widow’s and orphan’s fund for the families of fallen firefighter’s the FBA has grown to support the health and welfare of Tampa’s Firefighters and has stood to provide physical, emotional and financial assistance to its members in times of need.


These brave men and women who have dedicated their lives to the service of their community are, at times, faced with hardships of their own– devastating hardships that impact not only themselves but their families as well. In keeping with the rich traditions of the fire service and its brotherhood, the Firemen’s Benevolent Association was organized to offer assistance to our firefighters during these difficult times.


The FBA is a non-profit Association who’s purpose is to support the health and welfare of its firefighters through the provision and management of life, health and accidental injury assistance as well as emotional support and financial bereavement assitance for both active and retired members. The FBA is funded primarily through the collective contributions of its members as well as sponsorship and generous donations from citizens and the business community.



The FBA supports a variety of efforts to increase awareness for the vast array of physical and emotional issues facing our firefighters. We actively seek to provide wellness, training and education for our members.
FBA membership provides our firefighters with access to a variety of benefits to aid in times of need. Log on to the member’s portal for more information concerning benefits management.
Members have access to AFLAC supplemental coverage for accident, medical, cancer and more – all with special group rates.
The Future
The Firemen’s Benevolent Association is managed by firemen for firemen with dedication to the support our troops and the pursuit of benefit enhancement.



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Cardiovascular Health & Safety

National Firefighter Safety Stand Down Cardiovascular Health & Safety It has been proven that cardiovascular events take more lives than any other physical factor for firefighters on and off-duty.  To reduce these deaths, there are several areas to consider and steps...

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Cancer Awarness

  National Firefighter Safety Stand Down Cancer in the Fire Service Cancer awareness, prevention, and care is an important component of the overall wellness focus for firefighters.  At Tampa Fire Rescue Occupational Health, we take a multi-faceted approach, to...

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Saving Those Who Save Others Firefighters are a unique breed as they not only have to deal with the same issues as society in general, but also the fact that they are exposed to events that involve trauma, death and loss on a regular basis throughout their career....

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